World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Cinematic

Neues von Blizzard: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Cinematic


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  1. Einer der einzigen Trailer, den ich auf Deutsch besser finde als auf Englisch.
    "Ihr wisst nicht was euch erwartet!" Klingt einfach so viel besser als "You are not prepared!"

  2. "Ihr wisst nicht, was euch erwartet."  It literally means, "You (plural) don't know what awaits you."  That just doesn't have the same ring or intimidation as it does in English.  🙁

  3. Hey! And every german guy says OMFG it sounds so GAY in german i need to download the english verson… or look the trailer in the oher language because it sounds cooler darker or better. watch the dark night in german…. wtf so stupid voice klingt wie ein jahr-tausende langer vertrottelter raucher so bald er die maske auf hat 😀 so far beybey

  4. @ZombieAssassin1000 shut the fuck up man, u little guy in your little world………….. i'm german and in germany all nazis are hated for that, i got many friends from other ethnicitys. We are sadly the wants who have to carry this encumbrance, but this shit of prejudice against germans lifes on, and what our ancestors did was totally wrong and without sence, but i ask u! Have you ever met a german in your life? And i could bet that U called some african americans 'nigger'…….tsssss

  5. @ratbone39 1) Nobody cares about you.
    2) The Burning Crusade got the same name in German. It was never translated. So if they call this video "Brennender Kreuzzug Cinematic", nobody would find it.
    3) It wont hurt if you take 1-2 minutes more to find this video in english.

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